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Red beets are made up of both an edible root and edible leaves, 10-12 inch red and green leafy stems ascend from red beet's ruby red, smooth, bulbous root. Small or medium beets are generally more tender than larger ones. As beets have the highest sugar content of any vegetable, their flavor is typically sweet. 

The Red beet, Beta vulgaris, is a plant in the Chenopodiaceae family. The color of the Red beetroot is due to a variety of betalain pigments. 

Red beets are showcased best when slow roasted or steamed. They pair well with a wide variety of proteins, spices and other vegetables including cheese, bacon, smoked fish, walnuts, horseradish, chives and citrus. They can also be preserved by pickling, which offers an incredible flavor profile for the beets. 

Recipes that include Red Bulk Beets. One  is easiest, three is harder.

Half Baked Harvest   Roasted Beet Hummus
Desserts for Breakfast    Beet Tart with Bleu Goat Cheese and Frisee